About ABI

ABI Brothers Bangladesh is an initiative of three Bangladeshi brothers to serve in the business arena truly in the modern context for the people of Bangladesh. Over the past one decade, ABI founding partners has accumulated a strong and healthy market strategies through working in reputed European, American and Middle eastern companies. ABI Brothers Bangladesh then starts with an aim to achieve the leadership byproviding best ever experiences in the quality product and amazing super swift services to the Business community. ABI has been providing support and services to numerous industries, contractors and traders in the region. ABI is the only authorized agent and distributor of Golden Trade Land Co., Turkey for supply of quality clinkers in Bangladesh.

Vision & Mission

We want to be the most trusted, competitive, efficient and the most productive business group in Bangladesh to support out business clients and consumers. Our core competencies in Import – export, supply and distributions, Tourism travel management are being continuously improve to be best in the sector. ABI is committed to improve its capacity every day to earn maximum satisfaction of its customers.

Our effort includes,

  • Engaging a high quality, dedicated and efficient team in our company for beyond expectation product and services
  • Ensuring high level of integrity and transparency in the business to serve our customers using latest idea and technology for the maximum satisfaction and smart easy lifestyle.
  • Safeguarding value for money to our customers. We are providing best quality in good price for all of our products.
  • Exertion to become most competitive and most productive in our business line in the contemporary market. Our core competencies in tourism, travel support, student consultancy, Turkish second home support, import export support etc. are being continuously improved to be best-in-class.

Quality Statement

At ABI we strictly ensure every necessary legal conformity with the local and international standards. In every steps of our business, we follow stringent compliance with adopted policy and procedures of our everyday operations. We declare zero tolerance on deviation of our product quality and service efficiency. We value our customer satisfaction on top of our business.

Message from the Chairman

Mr. Inzamamul Haque

Chairman and In charge of Istanbul office

Less talk, work more, work hard for the people! This the word inspired me for ABI Brother Bangladesh. It’s my dream to grow up truly with the words we promised, to contribute for the human civilization by means of sustainable and green business. It’s been a long time when Bangladesh got independence in 1971, but still people of this country feels comfortable in foreign products. Pity on us, we could not establish such a good business integrity and production quality that satisfy our consumers over the foreign products. There are numbers of companies grown in the country since after liberation but still struggling to win own names over the foreign brands. ABI Brothers Bangladesh was founded with vision to make the people proud with quality product and services. The world is now changing. In ABI we rely on modern technically with high level of integrity.We focus on quality product and swift services for the people. 

Our goal is to win customer satisfaction and make them proud on own products. We believe in green and sustainable business that makes customer happy and gear up the economy of the whole country. We have an intelligent team, working hard with integrity. We are growing faster with the blessings of our happy customers to achieve our goal to become the best in class. We keep promises!

Board Of Management

Mr. Inzamamul Haque

Chairman and In charge of Istanbul office


Managing Director



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